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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 6! Belize- River Cruise, Science Projects and so Much More!

I  am still working on this post...

Look at that water- so gorgeous!

We took the Scenic River Cruise Excursion down the Belize River.
This is our Captain, Anthony- he's rad!
We drove what felt like 1,000 miles an hour through the Caribbean Sea . He said he was "turning the air conditioning on" haha! So much wind and so much wake- we were flying!
We slowed way down once we got near the Belize River, because that is where Manatees live. We saw several. We have so much video footage from this excursion- I need to edit it all!

We saw so many animals! Crocodiles, Iguanas, many types of Birds, Turtles, Manatees, Bats, Howler Monkeys and more! 

Look in the trees, there are Howler Monkeys (a whole troop of them) crossing through the branches, playing and jumping!

On our Balcony waving goodbye to Belize! We love Belize and will definitely be going back!
 After dropping the kids off at kids club, we saw THIS as we walked by!!
Our photo was chosen for the Wall of Fame again! WOOT! We got that 8x10 FREE! That was a fun surprise! 

The kids had a BLAST! When we picked them up, they came out with so many goodies!
It was Science Night in the theme of Outer Space- so they designed rockets and launched them with helium. They also made flying saucers and through them through a "Black Hole" (Hula Hoop).
They drew planets and more. Sariah even won a medal for her rocket design and Maletch won a prize (camp ocean pencil case) for getting his flying saucer in the black hole. They also both got Stingray twisty straws. So much fun!

We came back to find a friendly Dinosaur chilling on our bed!

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