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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 9! Fun Day at Sea! Dr. Seuss Breakfast, Water Slides, Arcade

One might think that after you've spent a few days at sea on a ship that you might run out of things to do... NOPE! There is so much to do on sea days- we never do the same things!
This day we went to the Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast where they serve actual green eggs! The Cat in the Hat, Sam I am, and Thing One and Thing Two were there to take pictures and sign autographs
After breakfast, we let the kids take a quick swim before heading up to play on the Waterslides in Carnival Waterworks.
We went to the gift shop to pick up some more souvenirs. We grabbed some "Dr. Seuss at Sea" and "Cherry on Top" water bottles, Tortuga Rum Cakes, Christmas ornament of the ship, and much more.
On one of the formal nights a really sweet crew member gave both kids Gift Cards to the Arcade, she said she loved how they were dressed. So after dinner, we took the kids to the Arcade to use them.
The kids went to kids club where they painted t-shirts, and made bracelets. We went to a comedy show, while they were in Kids Club.
Cute story: Sariah saw a few ship's officers in dress whites sitting having cocktails, and she asked me if one was the captain. I told her they were officers. She heard the word "officer" and thought "police officer," so she walked up to one of them and asked, "Are you the police?" They erupted in giggles and thought it was so cute. They invited us to join them, they were all so nice!

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