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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 7! Isla Roatan Honduras- Monkeys, Parade, Show, Game Show and More

This was the best day EVER!!
First we took a shore excursion called Pirates, Parrots and Monkeys.... and they weren't kidding!
We got to play with parrots and monkeys and we learned a lot of history of the island. It was very interesting! There have been a lot of sunken pirate ships found off their coast- they have recovered lots of weapons and treasure!! We got to see some of it and learn about the settlers on the island and LOTS more! But our favorite part was those monkeys- I have some great videos I will be uploading soon! The funniest thing happened- a monkey came down from the trees Geronimo style and landed on John's head- he wanted to check out his Go Pro!

Our tour started by shuttle bus and took us to the beautiful Gumbalimba Park. We got to explore the Coxen Cave which is HUGE and had so many different pathways- we got lost (it was funny). We got to visit the Insectarium where we saw some really crazy bugs. Then to get to the jungle area where the parrots and monkeys are running free in the Jungle- we had to cross the longest suspension bridge (we called it the shake shake bridge)! It seemed to go on forever- it always seemed like the "end" kept getting further away- haha- it was really cool!

This would have been a pretty full day- but we were just getting started! We saw they had a Magical

Click on the link to watch Maletch on the Hasbro Game Show!


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