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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Christmas in August??

Doesn't he look so cute in his high-chair! He looks so little in it too, huh?

One of his many new toys, he can chase fish in the "duck pond."

He's a happy boy in his jumperoo! I will try to add video soon of his crazy jumping. He actually makes the bungie-cords recoil from jumping so hard!

Aaahhh, it's been like Christmas this week at our house! With Maletch always wanting to sit or stand and practically refusing to lie down- we decided to offer him many of his "older boy" things that we already had waiting for him. This included lots of "big boy" toys, of course- as well as his high-chair (just for fun- not for eating yet- since he won't start on solids until 6 months of age) and we graduated him from his baby bathtub to a toddler one and so much more! He has just LOVED everything so far!

We try to introduce no more than 1-2 new things in a day (as per recommended by all the books) so as to not "over-stimulate" him- although I don't think it's possible to do with him, hehe! He loves everything- especially new things. We have not decided when we will stop on this "spree of new things"- we might just keep giving him everything in his stash since he seems to be ready for everything now. John and I went crazy shopping before he was born and filled a large closet full of shelves- stuffed full of things- many of these items were intended for Christmas and his 1st birthday.

Since Maletch is what his doctor (and the books) call a "very active baby," he bores so easily! They say he won't be fully satisfied or even easily satisfied until he is walking- which I know is true because he would jump in his jumperoo all day if I would let him- and that would that make him happy! I still have to limit his time in it to just 1-2 sessions of 20 min each- max per day, because he is back to jumping like a maniac! There was a short phase, where he had to split his focus between: playing with the toys on the jumper and the act of jumping, but now he is officially more talented than his daddy (hehe) cuz Maletch can multi-task now! Sorry honey, but you know you can't do two things at once (I just love teasing John bout that) =) Maletch can be playing with 2 toys (one in each hand), having a cooing conversation, AND jumping through the roof- all at the same time- and he does them all well! It seems like his concentration is unbreakable, no matter how many things he is doing! He doesn't forget about one toy- for the other, and he never forgets about jumping.

I just love my days with him they are always busy and full of surprises. The hardest part of my job is keeping him from being bored. I am the official "activities director/coordinator/planner" and "toy switcher outer" and its like a marathon all day. So, right now we are in hopes that all the new exciting toys and things will entertain him longer and will hopefully satisfy him until he can walk! And then the hardest part of my day will be keeping him out of trouble and away from accidents. Ha!

Except its not funny cuz he's already heading there fast- I can't believe already the difference in things he's grabbing and trying to get into this week! Those are stories for different posts :) I'm getting a little panicky about how to baby-proof everything ok, well obsessive because everything is not baby-proofable so you can't baby proof everything- so I just keep finding everything to be a hazard! I don't know how we all grew up through the exploratative and fearless baby stage and made it to adult hood safely? :) Or did we all have more accidents than we know about and our parents just didn't tell us? Haha!
I know, I know, it's called "welcome to parenthood"- someone told me to prepare to worry for the rest of my life!
And I figure I will.

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