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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Drinking Lessons!

Maletch is always taking (or trying to take) my cups/drinks out of my hands... and when I've let him take it- he puts it to his mouth and tries to drink. So I decided to run out and get him a "sippy" cup.
I read that it is a good idea to teach how to drink from a regular (non-sippy) cup at the same time that you introduce the sippy- and switch back and forth with the lessons- so that is what I did. It has been so fun and messy (hehe) watching him learn! He took to it immediately and preferred the regular cup over the sippy.
Although it is messy using a regular cup, like when he decides to turn it upside down to see what happens- I'm really impressed that he knew immediately how to drink and was actually swallowing the liquids on his first try. Since then, I have also taught him how to drink from a regular water bottle too- he loves it!

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Pops Pollard said...

Too cute! Does your blog permit the downloading of photos? I did not see any way to do that. If not would you email me (bill.pollard@gmwmgt.com) the photos from our visit? We will be visiting my mom and others this weekend so I want to print them some of these phostos.

By the way, how about putting both campaign buttons on him so he has some balance? (smile).