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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Better Not Buster!

Who, me?? I'm so innocent, look at my face!

He makes us so nervous that he is going to get the idea to pull himself over and out of his "bassinet"- which yes, we know that is coming- so I watch him like a hawk! We are getting ready to transfer him to his crib exclusively and when we do- this will drop to a deeper playpen. This has been beside our bed and his crib is in his own room.

I know he is going to make the transition well because he has slept in his crib several times for naps and he likes his bed a lot. I think I will have a hard time with the transition because I check on him constantly throughout the night- and I think if he is not in my eyesight I will be worrying and going back and forth all night. It's funny because I didn't understand parents that shared rooms with their babies (beyond a certain point) so I had a 3 month rule- that he would be in his own room after he turned 3 months... well, that was BEFORE I had a baby! Haha! Now that he is here- I get it! With the scare of SIDS and even the "what if he needs me and I don't hear him" worries- it will be very hard separating. We are about to invest in a Video Monitor- to help me be more at ease (so I can hear AND take a peek at him). We were also given a Baby Movement Monitor as a gift which picks up on every breath. It will sound an alarm if your baby doesn't breathe for 20 seconds. Between the two monitoring systems, hopefully mommy can be able to sleep without worrying. :)

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