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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Maletch!!

It is so hard to believe that our son is already a YEAR old! I can remember bringing our little guy home from the hospital like it was yesterday! What an exciting day that was full of so much emotion- it felt like I was dreaming and it still does! Well Happy Birthday sweet Maletch, it has sure been a fun and fast paced year, and my happiest year EVER!

Below is a slideshow of some pictures I took at home in my mini-studio. It was supposed to be a photo shoot of Maletch eating his own big-boy cake. Thank you Grandma Denise for making the cake! And I say "supposed to be" because you will see what the "eating" photo shoot turned into, LOL, more like a very messy play time or maybe even a "war" between Maletch and the cake! And I think the cake won, I'm not sure?? ... you be the judge! Maletch kept running "off the set" and since he was completely COVERED in chocolate frosting, he was tracking chocolate footprints all over the carpet and don't get me started on the handprints all over everything, LOL! He was running through the house smearing chocolate on everything: the couch, the curtains, my photography equip, EVERYTHING! (he is such a fast little bugger =)
Although I had planned on letting him get as messy as he wanted to for the shoot, unfortunately, I was unable to capture the messiest moments on film because I was too busy chasing him around with wet towels and giving him "mini-baths" since I couldn’t keep him “on the set.” My camera and I got covered in chocolate frosting too, it was hilarious! I don't know if I will ever be able to find and clean all of the frosting off of everything (I am STILL finding chocolate in the most peculiar places). So this might not have been the best "idea" of mine, but it sure was a LOT of fun!
The funny thing is I am glad the photo shoot went exactly as it did, because I got to capture Maletch exactly how he normally is: curious, highly active, and mischievous! Oh and yes- notice the photos of Maletch dumping the cake OFF the plate- that's our son!
P.S. I know that handprint looks so "perfect", like maybe I had him do it- NOPE- I found that (among so many)- he did that all on his own!

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