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Sunday, March 8, 2009

John Is Such A Good Sport!

While John helped me "take down" after Maletch's shoot, I had him pose for me too. He was such a good sport because it was very late and he was very tired. I really like these shots of him, I just wish his eyes weren't so droopy, LOL! Poor John!

Bruno wanted his picture taken too.

We had 3 cats when Maletch was born, but Bruno quickly became Maletch's best friend. Bruno adjusted better than the other 2 (Tigger & Gismo) to having a baby around. Bruno is the only one that puts up with Maletch's rough play. He pulls on his tail, pinches his ears, and pulls out handfuls of fur occasionally. Bruno doesn't seem to mind the occasional pain infliction, HaHa, because he thinks Maletch is way more fun to play with and much more fun to watch than me & John! =)

Although Maletch has learned to play "more gentle," the other 2 are still very scared of him and run away from him- which Maletch thinks is a 'game of chase' =) And that really freaks them out like, "Oh no! He's after me!" and then they look like they are "running for their lives" and head to jump over the safety gate and go upstairs, where he can't go. It's kind of funny but sad at the same time that they are so afraid (still). We are so glad that Bruno seems to know that it is innocent play and that he is so good with him.

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