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Friday, March 6, 2009

A Party for a Prince!

We had a small and cozy gathering for Maletch's 1st Birthday Party! We didn't really think a huge party for a 1 year old was necessary or appropriate since kids this age don't really care and won't remember anyway. As much as we would have liked to share his big day with all of you, we didn't want anyone to travel long distances to be here. We were fortunate to have a few local friends and family over which made the day that much more special! Even through there were only 17 people in our house, our downstairs is very small, so it was still a tight squeeze!
Our main focus to celebrate, preserve and commemorate this occasion was on his Time Capsule. This idea came to me when I was PREGNANT it is something that is really meaningful to me and a fun way to make his 1st birthday ACTUALLY memorable to him! It will be given to him at a later milestone such as his 18th birthday, or high school graduation, etc.
We kept it in the theme of "Past and Future" past meaning items or anything from this last year which will be "from the past" then, and it also includes items he can use for his future like money and savings bonds.
What is especially meaningful to me is the personal letters and photos because I think of my Great Grandmother (G.G.) and my Grandfather (Papa) who both passed away when I was very young and sadly I don't remember much about them. I think about how cool it would have been to have received a letter from them. I know it would help me to remember them and most of all feel a connection with them. I am so thankful for the letters to Maletch because this is a way for everyone to be able to say whatever they wish to him when he is around 18. It is a way to let him know how much he is loved and to preserve a connection with him.
I am so excited about all of the things we have put away for him. So many of you are so creative! I am really touched at the generosity of everyone which really helped to make his Time Capsule such a success! I am also surprised at how big and full his Time Capsule became so quickly and I know that there are even more items on the way which I am greatly looking forward to. I can't thank you all enough for your help with this special gift and I am presently working on your personal Thank You notes. Once we have the remaining incoming items all together, I will be posting a photo of his Time Capsule for you all to see what is all inside!

Maletch did very well at his First Birthday Party with all of the unfamiliar faces. He was very happy and social and everyone got a chance to hold him and interact with him, which was wonderful! He just loves being the center of attention- LOL! He did have one major fussy episode (which is so unlike him and is ONLY when he is tired) which happened at his dinner time. But considering the party extended over EIGHT hours and he didn't get to take ANY of his regular scheduled naps- to have only one episode was pretty impressive and we have to give him a LOT of credit! Hey- by then I was fussy too, LOL! Also, considering most one year olds are "absent" off-and-on at their own parties to take their naps, I was surprised he was able to hang out the whole time while constantly being held and played with by everybody, participating in all of the activities, and constantly having those dang paparazzi taking his picture HAHA- without a nap-what a trooper!
Although I had planned to put him down for his naps and I really didn't want him getting “off-schedule”- there just really wasn't a good time to "stop" the activities. Good news is it didn't affect his schedule the next day at all. It is nice he's always been flexible when we get off schedule for a day. We were extremely happy and proud of our little “energizer” party animal- Good job Maletch!

Here are a few photos from the party...

My 2 handsome men! (I'm such a lucky girl!)

Earl, Tui, Kobe, & Kayla

David & "G"

Thank you 'G' for making the yummy cupcakes!

Wes & Lola

Lil' William and William

Laura & David

Grandma, Morgan, and B-Day Boy

Grandpa and Mommy playing "I'm gonna get you"
Maletch's 1st Cupcake:
It was so funny to watch him eat it! He squished it in his hands and then he threw some on the floor and he even got a huge chunk on his knee (under his PANTS)- still can't figure that one out?? Even in spite of all the fun he had with it, everyone was very impressed with how much he actually did eat, which was quite a bit considering.

Got to wash it down with some milk!

I LOVE this photo of him shoving the cake in his mouth!

This boy is not going to miss a thing! Look at him turned around in his high chair! I think he wants to ask, "Does anyone have any more cake, please?"

He got so many presents between his birthday and Christmas, we need a bigger house! Everyone teases me that we have "Toys R Us" at our house!

Our Happy Birthday Prince!

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Addie's Mamma said...

Hey I just LOVE the blog update!! I kinda feel like I was there!! He's just so big and so dang cute!! I alos LOVE the photo shoot!!! You are brave to do that yourself lol I had asked jc penny's if I could bring a cake in there and they said sure as long as we bring a tablecloth now I see why lol!!

Well I'm glad to get the update :)
Love Britt