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Sunday, March 22, 2009

For the Love of BACON??

It's the weekend- YAY- and the END of a long week- and a rough one too- so insert more YAY's here!!
WOW, I almost lost my mind this week and patience is something that God has definitely blessed me with!
Maletch was completely not himself this week and when I say not himself- I mean a different baby ENTIRELY! He is normally so sweet tempered, and super fun and VERY BUSY- which means I am busy chasing him and making sure he doesn't eat something that he finds (from out of the sky), or doesn't pull something down from way-high-up, or climb OVER the baby gate, or pull the curtain rod down- that kind of stuff- (and all that can describe a span of 5 minutes). I am constantly saying; "Give that to mommy," "Get down from there," "No, that is not ours, we can't touch that"... and I am constantly asking him, "Where did you get that?", "How did you get that down?", "How did you get back/up/on there?" ...- that is normally my day and I LOVE every part of it and have become used to it! And I am completely serious, that I love it- I didn't know that I like ‘mayhem’- I thought I liked things simple- but I found out that I like ‘crazy’ at my house and I LOVE that he ALWAYS keeps me on my toes! Other things that I had to get used to immediately is that I seriously can't look away for a second cuz he will get into something (even though EVERYTHING is baby-proofed- Maletch has WAYS and he does something NEW everyday- and I am not exaggerating) oh and this one is a BIGGIE- if he gets 'quiet' for even a second- then he is into something- GUARANTEED!
I hope I am painting a good picture of my normal day and what my normal challenges are… OK, instead of playing with his toys and causing mischief- he was ‘clinging’ to me ALL day and would not let go- OK that is weird- we are very affectionate and we do share lots of ‘cuddle time’ throughout the day- but he didn’t want to PLAY at all- or get into things- he just whined every time I had to walk away to get something and chased me and clinged to me (literally clamped onto my leg when I would walk). It got annoying and frustrating that I could not take care of ANYTHING including making meals for us or using the bathroom without a fuss! NADA!
OK and this had lasted ALL day and then to make it worse at ‘meal time’ which is normally not that big a deal (we have a routine for that too)- well that went out the window- cuz as soon as I went to feed him his first spoonful he knocked the spoon out of my hand and food went flying and splattered everywhere- and he was acting like a terrible-two-year-old (except that he just turned one, LOL). It got worse and turned into a huge battle- he did NOT want to eat- so I gave it a while and tried it again- same thing (by then, it had been way too long between meals and he should have been hungry)- NO LUCK- still fighting me. So I decided to try to give him a bottle- and he pushed IT away- then when I INSISTED he take a drink- he threw it!
All he would take without any problem were snack foods (Gerber finger foods) and juice and water from a sippy cup- NO meals and NO bottles (with nutritious formula)!
So I got concerned, but I figured, “OK if I cut out the snacks- then you will have to be hungry for a real meal and will have to eat” right? NOPE! This little bugger ‘held out’ on me for TWO days- barely letting me get anything down in him- so then I worried he might be sick?? And no to that too, not sick! So then WHAT???
So then John and I decided to offer him a ‘stage 2’ baby food dinner (he normally eats ‘stage 3’ and ‘Graduates’) stage 2 is completely mashed, nothing to chew- no chunks. Of course I offered him his all-time favorite flavor (which he hadn’t had in months since we don’t feed him stage 2 anymore) which is Chicken/Apples (yes it comes mixed in one jar) and on the side Sweet Potatoes for the veggie. He gobbled it ALL up- both full jars and wanted MORE- but yet just 2 seconds before he was battling me over the dinner that he was supposed to have. So then I worried, “Does this mean he is becoming spoiled and trying to get his way?” “Is he now going to be picky and PROTEST to ONLY get what he wants?” So John and I struggled to come up with a solution since we were not ‘on board’ with Maletch ‘dictating’ what he will and won’t eat- we especially worried since he was so young- what would we be in for in a few years when kids start that usually? We tried EVERY tactic we could think of- and then some- seriously we tried THEM ALL! Nothing worked…. except prayer- which has ALWAYS worked for me- and I had been praying about this problem from the start and then God gave me the answer- He ‘put it on my heart’ to put my finger in his mouth…….. I had no idea what for- I just do as I am told, LOL….. and WHAT DO YOU KNOW?????? ALL of his MOLARS are coming in!!!! This is crazy for 2 reasons: first he is so young for MOLARS, and second, they are coming in ALL at ONCE! His gums are JACKED-UP! Poor baby, they are swollen, one has a HUGE weird blister thing that I have to have the doctor look at, and they are all bumpy and full of ridges! I feel so bad for him that has to hurt like crazy! AND now I GET it - why certain foods are hard to chew and sucking on a bottle causes pressure and pain on his gums, so THAT explains why he ONLY wanted a sippy cup (they pour right out like a cup with no sucking). In case you are wondering I took off the spill-proof feature that makes you suck on a sippy a long time ago- so he is basically drinking from a regular cup with a ‘spout’. Yes it is messy, but I wanted him to know how to control the flow to his mouth and drink regularly, which he can.
I felt so silly that we feared we were having ‘behavioral problems’ with him when he just needed some dang TYLENOL! Now that we are giving him Tylenol, he is back to his normal self COMPLETELY (wow it was like a magic wand). I can see that he is still in pain, but he is tough and tolerates it with the little help of “acetaminophen,” and the pain doesn’t affect his sweet personality. He already has 7 teeth (all the way in) which is a LOT for his age!
I guess this means that he took me serious when he was 2 months old, he grabbed a piece of bacon off of my plate and started to put it in his mouth, when I took it from him, I said, "No, I'm sorry you can't have this, you need a lot of teeth to eat this!" Then I assured him, "When you get your teeth, then you can have some bacon." Boy, I guess he REALLY wants that darn bacon!

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