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Monday, July 28, 2008

Just when I thought...

Just when I thought that Maletch was in the "Grab Everything in Sight" Phase since (he's passed the pulling on mommy & daddy's lips and noses stage) he is so eager to grab and play with all of his toys and whenever you pick him up he always grabs something (a toy, blanket, etc.) and he is taking something with him! So, just when I thought... Maletch RE-DEFINES "Grab Everything in Sight"...
OK yes, I started letting him be "my little helper" and carry something while we are shopping and yes, he learned how to open and shut his dresser drawers 2 weeks ago- so I guess we knew this was coming- but we didn't expect it so soon. I didn't realize for one thing that he was already paying very close attention to what my hands were doing and wanting whatever I had. So he has grabbed a few things out of my hand when I thought I had him interested in something else- all of a sudden there goes mommy's drink or he's grabbed the bottle out of my hand that I was making for him. Ok, I guess those were some more clues as to what was coming... but we still had no idea... what we did know was that he liked to look around at the world and see everything around but we certainly didn't know he was ready to Go For Things OUT OF REACH!

The first incident: Maletch was lying in the middle of our bed, I see him look over and he's eyeing the nightstand (a few feet away). Ok nothing unusual, UNTIL he rolled and scooted over to it! Then I could tell he was eyeing something on the nightstand. He then reached up and grabbed the phone cord, pulled the corded phone off the nightstand to him on the bed, then picked the whole thing up and threw it on the floor! Huh??? I couldn't believe my eyes, if this is 4 1/2 months, John and I are in BIG trouble!

The second incident: When we are in the office, I let Maletch sit in my lap and I always give him a fresh piece of paper to play with. He loves to crumple it into a ball, then spread it back out, and bite on it- this provides enough fun while I do my emails. So last week I sat down and as I was looking for a piece to give him- so was he! He was eyeing some papers under a stack of very heavy stuff on my desk. So I sat back thinking boy I can't believe you spotted that (they were barely sticking out from the stack) so I couldn't believe that he even knew they were papers. Oh yes he did- in fact he leaned over and reached for them. "OK, this is great" I thought "while I'm doing emails he'll reach for those papers and try to get them, which of course there is no way he could. They are buried and the stuff is heavy!" Right? WRONG! He managed to pull the whole stack of stuff down! By the time I realized what was happening, I heard crashing from everything bouncing to the floor! How the heck??? Yep, we're in trouble!

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