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Friday, July 18, 2008

3 Weeks Old and Already Causing Trouble!

Maletch was 3 weeks old and already giving the photgrapher a run for her money by repeatedly trying to LAUNCH off the table! And he nearly did! We were so glad that Grandma and Grandpa Pollard were there to witness it (and laugh along with us) because people didn't seem to believe us about the things he was already doing. The photographer kept saying "He's making me so nervous!" and said she had never seen such an active baby at that age. John had to restrain him during the photo shoot and I stood on the other side of the table, because that boy was determined to go somewhere! She also said to me, "Mom you must have done something right and have eaten all your vegetables, because that boy is strong!" John and I cracked up because we know that all I ate for almost my entire pregnancy were Tacos and Reese's Pieces. Sprinkle in some Mango-A-Go-Go smoothies from Jamba Juice and Carmel Frappacinos from Starbucks and there is my entire pregnancy diet. Haha.

Our wedding rings on his toes!

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Addie's Mamma said...

He is sooo sweet!!! Can't wait to meet him!!