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Monday, July 28, 2008

Say "Cheese" OR "Go-ki-ki-ho"... Whichever!

About 6 weeks ago (when Maletch was 3 1/2 months old) he began showing signs of teething. Everybody told us that even though some babies start teething that early, we shouldn't expect anything to start coming in until around 6 months of age. Then about 2 weeks ago (age 4 1/2 months), what was obvious discomfort- turned into- completely unbearable pain for him. None of the remedies were working anymore and poor Maletch was miserable! So it was time to break open the Baby Ora-Gel and Tylenol. When I went to rub the Ora-Gel on his gums, guess what??- my finger ran over something very sharp! Yep- his first tooth had already broken through his gums! So that explained the increased pain- the tooth was cutting through!
It won't be long now before he will be flashing everybody his pearly whites- OK maybe just one pearly white for now! It is one of his upper front teeth.
Anybody that has a baby timetable chart- just might as well throw it away right now because Maletch clearly has his own!

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Addie's Mamma said...

I LOVE how much work you've done!! And I totally love the Maletch stories!!! And teething uh ohh lol

You know these doctors or whoever they are that write these books that say these babies can't be doing these things until a certain age are just completly wrong!!! Maletch has proved them wrong in every way and his little cousin Addie is following in his footsteps!!