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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pause The Music

BEFORE you press play on the video below: You will want to press "pause" on the music player at the bottom of my blog (the pause button is toward the top left corner of the player), since this video clip has a soundtrack- or they will be battling. Remember to resume the music player (same button) when the video is over if you want.

The video is of my crazy brother Jason, when he was a Professional Freestyle Motocross rider. He Raced Motocross first and we thought that was scary- UNTIL he decided it was more fun to do Back-Flips on his dirtbike! Ooh it was so scary to watch him- I don't think I could breathe during a show!

I was playing with adding video and I figured everyone would like this! And YES, Uncle Jae will be teaching Maletch to ride one day (but Jae- just don't teach him to FLIP- OK)!

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