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Monday, July 28, 2008

Who is "Crusty?"

Ok, so most of you know by now that Maletch loves all of his toys but his bunny is his Best Friend. His elephant that he recently broke comes in a close 2nd. (Yes, he BROKE it with his bare hands- that boy is so dang strong- it's crazy- but thats a whole different story all by itself)

Maletch has a TON of toys and John and I want him to be able to distinguish the different ones, so from the beginning we have always referred to each toy by a name. "Where is Maletch's bunny?" as we find it and "Here is Maletch's bunny" as we hand it to him. Well lately it has been hard to keep up with cleaning all of his toys since he plays with so many. Recently after a long day of play (and him slobbering all over it) I grabbed his bunny to hand it to him and said, "Aw, your bunny is all crusty!" Funny because before I had a chance to clean it, John came in and started to hand it to him and said the exact same thing. Later that night John went looking for his bunny and asked Maletch, "Where's Crusty?" I cracked up cuz my ears were waiting to hear "bunny." Well it has caught on now and the poor bunny has a new name- he is now known simply as "Crusty!" Wouldn't it be funny if that is Maletch's first word?

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