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Monday, February 9, 2015

100 Days in School!

We love to find reasons to celebrate any chance we get! So of course we get excited counting up to our 100 days in school party! I can't believe we reached this milestone already- this year is going by so fast! We are just past the "halfway mark" for our school year (which is 180 school days- that's a long year).

Also, I MUST say as we recently transitioned into our 2nd semester this year, I was looking back at the work the kids BOTH did over the 1st semester and I am SUPER proud and excited! I am amazed at the levels they are working at and how much they have already done this year! I will definitely be sharing a video featuring many samples of their work - you will certainly be so proud too! It is actually almost unbelievable!

Here are a few pics from our celebration. I did take a few video clips that I will add to this post soon.
We had fun decorating the classroom for the occasion. 
We love these owl pennant banners that say, "Look Who's 100 Days Smarter"
 We each got a bag of yummy kettle corn in these fun little 100th day bags too!

 Getting ready to make "100 Days Smarter- Owl Hats"
Super fast & easy little wearable craft!

We did lots of other 100th day activities too!

 The kids got excited when they saw the book chosen for Maletch's read aloud today. They squealed, "Hey that's what we're doing!"
 The kids got LOTS of fun prizes too!

We had lots of fun! We are definitely looking forward to our end of the school year party!  June seems so far away! We will be doing the same thing for our end-of-the-year party as we did last year- woot!! Oh I don't think I posted that- it's a large Homeschool Group Field Trip! I'll post pics and tell you where we're going soon!

I should also share how we count our school days! I LOVE our "days in school calendar"- it uses magnetic Base-Ten cubes which teaches, reinforces. and gives practice for many important math concepts: place value, regrouping, and counting between tens and ones- everyday! Remind me if I don't include that in a future post soon.
We have a LOT of videos coming up- but I will try to get a quick overview of our 1st semester work soon- you'll be AMAZED at their work!!

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