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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 7: Talent Show, Comedy Show, and MORE!

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Final Rehearsals and Talent Show:
Maletch breakdanced to "Everything is Awesome"
Sariah danced ballet to "My Girl"

Although this was not a formal day, and I had casual clothes laid out for everyone, Sariah said, "I should wear my pink dress for the Talent Show!" I asked her if she was sure since we were not going to wear our "fancy" clothes like her. She was sure! She LOVES that dress, I don't think she really ever wanted to take it off, hehe! Who can blame her, it's poofy, sparkly, twirly and she says it makes her feel like a princess! Of course she can wear it again!

Art Auction: We went to an art auction in hopes of finding that elusive perfect painting we've been looking for (for over the love seat) in the formal living room. We enjoyed looking at the artwork in the gallery (we saw some interesting pieces), but we didn't see anything in the gallery that we wanted to bid on- so we ducked out early.

Maletch Comedy Show
I love this picture! Sariah looked so cute holding daddy's arm!

The comedian had Maletch on stage for 30 minutes doing a Q&A "the funny things kids say"
He asked a series of serious questions and Maletch's answers brought the house down. (I'll upload a video)
A few funny quotes from the show:
Comedian: "So how long have your parents been married?"
Maletch: "A long time."
Comedian: "How long is a long time do you think, in years?"
Maletch: "Like 100"
Comedian: "100 Years? Wow, your mom looks good, your dad too- married 100 years!"

A few questions later (both other kids got this wrong):
Comedian: "I'll bet you'll know this... who is the president of the United States?"
Maletch: "Obama." (crowd was impressed he knew and applauded)
Comedian: "So let me ask you this, do you think your dad voted for him?"
Maletch: "No." (lots of laughter)
Comedian: "You mean to tell me, your dad who's married 100 years, works for the army and flies planes voted for Mitt Romney?"
Maletch: "Yes." (comedian in disbelief, we nodded to agree with Maletch and the crowd erupted in cheers)

A bit later:
Comedian: "Okay if you could be president of the United States, what's the first thing you would do?"
Maletch: "Check the money."
Comedian: "What do you mean check the money? Like would you see how much money there was?"
Maletch: "Yes."
Comedian: "Then what would you do with the money?"
Maletch: "I would buy something." (the crowd exploded laughing)
Comedian: "That should have been Romney's campaign... (crowd laughing hard)... he continued "Romney should have said, if I'm elected president, I'll buy you something... maybe he would have won."
After the show, everybody started calling Maletch "President Maletch!"
"Hey there's President Maletch" and everybody shook his hand- it was cute!

This is the comedian after the show

That evening the Kids Club had a Farewell Party. John and I made good use of that time, we had an appointment to meet with Matyas to look over the proofs....
He had a stack of 55 (8x10's) printed out AND he also put a beautiful book together for us to look at too!
Not only is he a fantastic photographer, but he was fun to work with too! My favorite "line" of his: first he would have me pose individual, then when he wanted John to join, he would say, "now attack tiger!"- haha- I love that guy! We hope to work with him again someday!

Here are a few of the proofs we sat down to view....
OMGosh can you even stand it?? John and I love this picture!

Can you believe these are just a few... I will put more in a slideshow!

Dinner: Entertainment was staff singing "Leaving on a Jet Plane" (upload video soon)

Since we don't believe in saying goodbye when we don't want to, we chose to say "see you later" to some of our new friends.
These 2 guys are the sweetest guys EVER! They were who Sariah called "the 2 funny guys" and we all looked forward to seeing them all around the ship everyday! We were so sad to say goodbye to them on our last night!
They gave Sariah a gift (a travel coffee mug, which has a photo holder inside)- and they told her to put (this picture) of them together in it - so she could always remember them and see them- aren't they sweet? We are keeping in touch with them! Maybe someday we will cruise with them again! 

Towel Animal:
We weren't sure exactly what kind of bird this was supposed to be, but we think its cute! Every time we tried to guess, we knew we were wrong - any guesses??

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