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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our 8 Day Cruise Vacation!!

OMGOSH! We seriously had the dream vacation of a lifetime! I cannot imagine a better vacation, and we are excited to share the fun we had!
8 jam-packed days of fun- where to even start- sheesh?

Some highlights:

We swam with dolphins, held a baby lion, went on a pirate ship with pirates to a private beach where we played all day and the kids went on a treasure hunt! Maletch was pulled up on stage at the comedy club- the comedian did a Q&A with 3 lucky kids (for the funny answers/funny things kids say) and Maletch was up there for at least 30 minutes! The kids also both participated in the Talent Show and they both received medals for their performances, I won the Master Mixology contest and my winning drink was the "featured drink" in all of the bars for the entire cruise (and it was printed in the newspaper everyday)- fun, fun, fun! We also had a private photo shoot with a very exclusive photographer who captured some amazing photos- wait until you see! The kids enjoyed going to the kids club for super fun activities and much more! Sariah and Maletch danced with our waiters at the fancy restaurant every night during "Showtime"- so MUCH to share! We also had a very nice stateroom with a private balcony so we were able to enjoy the beautiful water and sun and amazing views- anytime we were in our room!

Don't worry, I captured a ton of pictures and videos- and we purchased a TON of both too!!! I will be uploading in sections- HA!

We are already excited thinking about booking the next one- so if anyone wants to plan to come too- let me know!

Okay I'm thinking about how to post pics and videos- and I'm thinking I should go in order, like "Day 1, Day 2, etc..." BUT for fun I'm just going to post a few sneak pics from the photo shoot with our exclusive photographer Matyas (that wasn't until day 6) but I'll just post this one thing out-of-order! He took 55 beautiful shots- too many to post here, but I'll post a few now and a few later and maybe make CD's for family, or maybe share a video showing the photos (so I don't have to upload them all) and you can tell me the ones you want me to post or email you- we'll figure it out!

I just love Sariah's flirty eyes in this one!
This you have to see full size, but it feels very Hollywood glam!
Matyas' work is nothing short of amazing! When we were looking at the proofs, John actually had to wipe his eyes! I have only seen John do that one other time in 11 years- and that was 10 years ago at our wedding! Wait til you see the rest of the shots! We will be keeping in touch with him! 
We have a 24"x36" glossy metal print being made of the first shot- we can't wait for it to arrive! We also have canvases of the other 2. Love, love, love!
You can click on the photos to enlarge.

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