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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 4: Port of Call Mazatlan

We had fun in Mazatlan! We had purchased tickets to another exciting excursion in Mazatlan, but we decided to skip it. It was a tough decision because we knew it would be another "once in a lifetime memorable" one,... (and we had already paid for the tickets)... BUT we didn't want to over-exhaust the kids and risk missing the much anticipated Pirate Adventure the next day. The Mazatlan excursion was another early starting one and another long all-day one, so when the alarm went off and both kids were still knocked out, we figured that waking them up early again might cause fussiness. They had been staying up late and skipping routine naps the entire trip, and that was bound to catch up to us :) It was nice taking one day a bit slower and they remained awesome happy little travelers!
Although we wish we could have done it, we knew it was the right decision. I think we both also secretly felt that trying to do 3 long back-to-back excursions was trying to be a bit "over-achiever-ish" for a vacation anyway, haha! So when they woke up, we told them about the change in plans and they were excited to explore Mazatlan!

The kids love the souvenirs they picked up. Maletch picked out a wooden wiggly dolphin, and Sariah picked out a beautiful doll made by Mexican Indian Artisan girls.

Maletch loved these Tram Trains!
 Look at these cute little cruisers! 
They are chillaxin watching the port from our balcony!
We watched the sunset over the beautiful Mazatlan seascape from our private balcony! (we have some amazing photos and videos)
Towel Animal: When we got back to our room, this cute little piggy was waiting for us!

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