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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Summer Recital Preparations Already!!

Holy Heck, as we are getting ready for our upcoming trip- the stuff I need to take care of just keeps piling up!
Sure enough, although we just had the Christmas Recital Show- we are all gearing up for the Summer Recitals already! The costumes have to be ordered, kids have to be officially signed up, etc.
I am happy to report that I took care of it all today since the deadline is fast approaching.
Anyway, the kids costumes and the numbers they are both doing are so dang cute!!
Sariah will be wearing a "Jasmine" costume (from the movie "Aladdin") and she will be dancing a ballet number to "A Whole New World"- aaahh I love that song!
Maletch will be doing some SERIOUS Tap moves! He is now in Tap 2 (just moved up from Tap 1) and this class --whooooah- they move their feet so fast (while doing fancy tricks) almost like they are in a personal bubble and don't have gravity or something! Craziest thing I've ever seen- Maletch's. New. Lessons. What in the world did the teacher just do???
I told him we will need to seriously practice at home - if he wants to really learn this new routine. Luckily mommy has a pair of tap shoes so I can help "break down the moves" a bit slower at home! We are always so busy, so we'll see if we really carve out the time to practice like we intend to or not- HA!
Anyway, the girls in his class will be wearing sequined Dorothy costumes (from "Wizard of Oz" - exactly like Sariah's Halloween costume from last Oct. if you saw it)-- and Maletch will be wearing a Tin Man costume dancing to "Ease on Down the Road"- (such a fun beat to get crazy to- hehe)
Every recital has a theme, so it appears this Summer Recital's theme will be "Classic Movies" with songs and costumes from different ones- so FUN!
If anyone is interested in coming please let me know ASAP! Recitals will be in June, there will be 4 shows, and I am unsure if Maletch and Sariah will be in the same show- or 2 separate shows yet. They have not provided the program line ups yet. If you are interested in coming, the tickets will SELL OUT (super fast!)- so I will need to give you the info ahead of time. I will share the exact date, time(s), and location - directly with anyone interested in coming.
We all hope to see you there!

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