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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 6: Private Photo Sessions MORE

Kids Club Activities
First thing after breakfast, the kids went to Kids Club for a few super fun activities during the day. They had a pirate party and a dance contest. Sariah WON the dance contest- woot! Check out her award!
 They came back with these fun pirate masks too!
Battleship on a cruise in formal attire? Yep!
Later in the day (in between our photo shoot sessions), we went back to Kids Club which was opened to parents for a "Family Fun Hour." This was among the few times that parents were invited inside, most of the time it was kids only- (parents prohibited for safety). Normally parents sign their kids in and out from behind the locked gate. The kids loved the opportunities that we were allowed inside (they loved showing us around).
It was also among the few times that it was "free choice" play rather than a structured activity. When we asked the kids what they wanted to do, they chose to play the game "Battleship."  Although we do have that game at home, we've never played it- so their choice surprised us. It was fun teaching them a new game and they liked it a LOT. Maletch said "we should get this game for our house," they were stoked to find out that we already had it at home! The day after we got back from the trip, they raided our game cabinet to find it, hehe!

 While we were out, we let the kids choose their 2nd Build-a-Bear "outfit".... so the "Reindeer Princess" got a makeover when we got back to the room. She became the "Reindeer Hula Girl" while the former "Surfing Calico Cat" changed into the "Calico Fishing Cat."

2 private sessions with Matyas
Second Formal Night
Other Portraits
Family Comedy Show

Dinner: Entertainment was to the song "Gangnam Style"
Here is a VIDEO of the kids dancing....

Here are some VIDEO clips from after dinner, including mommy and daddy dancing too- HAHA!

Below were two regular portraits we took (not from the private sessions)
 All of the photographers are amazing! Alex took these!

We all "partied" that night!

After dinner, more portraits and the family comedy show, the kids went to Kids Club where they attended special late night parties! Maletch went to the "Rockstar Party" and Sariah went to the "Night Owls Party." Their parties both went until 1:00am - DANG! Our kids sure know how to par-tay!
John and I went dancing at Frankenstein's Lab. We ordered two of my Tropical Islands and hit the dance floor! It was our 10th anniversary and we had a blast!

Towel Animal:
This might have been our favorite towel animal of the cruise. Maletch votes this one for sure! Who doesn't love frogs?

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