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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 1: Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage and Happy Valentines Day!

Since we had 8 jam-packed days, there is so much to share! I will break it up by posting each day separately covering the activities and highlights.
Day 1 was largely a travel day: going through homeland security, boarding, 2 safety meetings, and unpacking.

Day 1: New Friends, Dinner, and a Fun Surprise
After getting settled in and unpacked we were ready for dinner. On our way to the restaurant we passed by the coolest row of decorated cabin doors- they had hung fishnets, anchors, battery operated flashing lights and each door had a large life preserver picture frame with each couple/ family's photo in it. Of course this was a large group that traveled together and booked many rooms together, it was neat seeing the lights and especially the photos of each family on their doors...
but John and I had never seen anyone decorate their doors before. I thought it was so cool and as we were admiring their décor we met the main couple in charge of the group and they were the nicest people from Texas.
We ran into them a few times that night and really hit it off with them. They explained that there are door decorating contests and even online forums about cruise door decorations-  HAHA! I mentioned that we would be doing the door décor next trip for sure because it's so cool, and I jokingly said, "Our door is so boring!"
Later that night, we thought it was strange when we noticed the man/husband making some weird excuse to follow us way down the hall towards our room- we were unsure if he was creepy trying to see where we were staying, but we shrugged it off. The next morning, we opened the door for room service to see they had decorated our door and mailbox!! How cool is that?? What a fun surprise that was! They hung 3-D anchors on our door, nautical themed beads, and dangly swirls all around our door! Of course we returned the favor and sent them something from the gift shop! Their surprise was not only fun to see every time we entered our room- but it made our door so easy to find too! We met so many nice people on our trip, but I'm staying in order- this is Day 1, LOL!

Here are a few pics of our friends door all decked out...

You really have to see the entire hall way to appreciate how cool it looked it person!

And here is what they did to our door....
 Beads on the mailbox even- How fun is that?
Check out all the dangling swirls around our door in the hall!

Towel Art:
Instead of a towel "animal," our room steward (Christopher) made us a towel heart for Valentine's Day.

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